Sunday, August 31, 2014

Long time no talk... 2014-2015 Classroom Reveal

Well friends, it's been just about forever since Stacy and I have written a blog post for this little corner of the internet we call blogland. 

We have been more busy than ever and can't make any promises about consistent updates here but you can sure bet that when we write, you will know! :) In fact, if you hit that little button to the right that says "Click here to follow my blog on bloglovin", you'll never miss an update! Stacy is pregnant with TWINS! Though she is straight out exhausted a LOT, she is the world's best blogging buddy and she came to visit my classroom last week! I took some pictures of it before Stacy got there. You'll see a lot of familiar things from my 2013-2014 classroom but I also changed it up quite a bit!

Come on in...
 .... and then for the hallway! eeeekkkk I have to say, I'm in LOVE. I was inspired by A Year of Many Firsts and bought a class set of clipboards, painted them bright blue, put a name plate on each one and hung them up in the hallway so that my little second graders can proudly display their work all throughout the year! Get it? We're never "board" in second grade!.... oh well, my students won't understand my pun. But I think it's funny.
  Stacy has been teaching {cue everyone telling Stacy she's a crazy pregnant ladayyy for going to work} for almost a week now and I start this week! Kids come on Wednesday! 

Best wishes for a wonderful school year, friends!