Sunday, October 6, 2013

Positively Pink! [TpT Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser]

Happy Sunday, friends!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Stacy and I are so happy to be participating in a Teachers Pay Teachers fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation put on by the wonderful Lindsay Perro. Tons of awesome bloggers and TpT creators have come together and donated to the cause leading to 151 donated resources worth $720! The resources were combined into booklets by grade range and content area. If you click the banner above, or just click here if that's easier, you'll be led to the TpT store that's been created just for this wonderful outreach event.

Here is what we ended up with in each booklet:
K-2 ELA : 29 resources valued at $120.14
K-2 Math : 25 resources valued at $152.95
3-5 ELA : 29 resources valued at $136.50
3-5 Math : 24 resources valued at $87.50
6-8 ELA : 13 resources valued at $65.10
6-8 Math : 16 resources valued at $61.80
Clipart : 15 resources valued at $96.70
Each booklet is only $25.00!
I'm sorry.... did you actually read that?!?!
$25.00 donated to an amazing cause and in return you receive tons of resources that if you were to buy separately would cost you around $100?! COME ON!
No matter what your grade level or content area, we've got something for you!
In the K-2 ELA booklet you'll find our Magic-E bundle of common core aligned games and activities to help your kiddies understand the vowel-consonant-e/final-e/silent-e. I can't wait to use this one with my 2nd grade munchkins. This is definitely something we need to work on and this is just the pack to help us reinforce our learning!
 Breast cancer is a cause near and dear to my own heart because of two of the most important woman in my life: my mom, and my Irish Step Dancing teacher. 

When I was in first grade, my mom battled through breast cancer and eventually won. I remember the way she would come home from chemo so tired and sick but would still tuck me into bed at night and I distinctly remember her pushing through to be one of my class' room moms and how our whole class rallied around her and created a book of letters and encouragement.... complete with a title page covered in band aids with each one of our names on it. I think we still have it too.
My mom is a breast cancer survivor and for that I feel so blessed. I honestly don't know where I would be without her- and she's not just a mom to me and Kerri but to all my friends, too! She's a hero and an inspiration and she continually helps others through their diagnosis' and journeys as well. I love you, mom!
First Grade was also the year of my life that I began Irish Step Dancing, something I practiced, and loved up until my freshman year of college. My teacher was named Mary McInerney.
I remember walking into my first dance class to meet a cheerful red-headed woman carrying a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup. It wasn't long before she had to put that cup down to take out a sharpie and write a big 'ol R on my right foot and L on my left foot due to the fact that I was super brilliant and continually pointed the exact opposite foot of the one she called out... whoops. 
That smiling red-headed woman quickly became like another mother to me. She was tough, but encouraging- and her dancers excelled because of her teaching. She taught me not only how to tell my right foot from my left and how to point my toes but how to push myself, how to be confident and poised and how to exuberantly love life and be grateful for the people around me. 
Mary passed away of breast cancer in 2009 and I've never been more heartbroken than during that season of life. I still miss her and think of her often... and when it thunders, I look up and smile because I think that Mary just may be leading Heaven in a giant trebel jig. Her teaching style is one that I hope to embody as I embark on this journey of my own in teaching and I'm thankful for her influence on my life and heart.
Cancer has, in some way or another, touched everyone and I hope and pray for a day that there is a cure. But until then, I can't think of a better way to support the amazing organizations such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in the way they tirelessly work to search for it than to purchase one of these jam packed booklets.
So friends, be positively pink and go grab one of these awesome sets of resources. The booklets are available through October.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! 
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