Friday, November 1, 2013

Colleen's November Currently & New Product Announcement!

Well hi, friends!
Here we are... we've made it to another Friday!
And this one just happens to be the first day in November which means we're linking up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her ever popular currently post! 
This week seemed to go so fast and yet drag on forever. Halloween certainly riled my little second graders' brains... and mouths. We were chaaaattttyyy this week! Every time I stopped to listen to the conversations they went something like this... "So what are you being for Halloween?!" "NO WAYY! That's so cool" "I can't wait for Thursday!" "It might snow on Thursday" "It might rain on Thursday" or my favorite question of the week... "Miss McBride, why do we have school on Thursday? It's a holiday!!"
WOOF kiddies... please just take one small chill pill on the Halloween business. 
However, HAPPY NOVEMBER everyone, Halloween is over! HALLELUJAH!
I'm currently listening to this AWESOME playlist from a Worship event I went to last night at a friend's church. I'm just loving that this is online because I wanted to know what some of the songs were! It was such a great night. I was a little weary going out on a Wednesday (it's a big deal when you know you have 24 little ones awaiting you with Halloween expectation on Thursday morning) but I'm so thankful for the opportunity to worship my God with so many others mid week! It was a good perspective changer too. He's in control. You can listen here!
This Boston girl is LOVING the Red Sox win Wednesday night... even if it was nearly impossible to keep my eyes open to watch it! I distinctly remember and hold dear to memories I have of my dad and I going into Boston for the 2004 World Series parade. Today my kids came into school BEYOND excited on Thursday (that is except for my one little oppositional yankees lover) and the principal played Sweet Caroline over the loud speaker after school. The kids were up dancing and shouting and it was joyous. It was also moments before the release for Halloween night so it was l-o-u-d. Oh well, ya win some ya lose some! It was fun.
I'm currently thinking about this weekend because it means the 30 hour famine is FINALLY here! I've been helping to plan this event since the summer and I'm so excited that the time is here! The famine is an event sponsored by an organization called World Vision. From today at noon until Saturday at 6:00 PM, we'll give up food in order to focus on the the impacts of hunger being experienced by millions around the world. While we will surely not solve the problem, this event will help raise awareness among the participants and the sponsors as well as raise critical funds for people in desperate need. It's amazing to me that just $30 can feed a child for a whole month! Or $360 could feed a child for a whole year...

I love the famine and I love the teenagers at my church who are eager to participate in this event as well. Stay tuned for updates on the famine. I'm sure they'll be some good stories from hungry teenagers! :) If you feel led, and want to start November - the month of Thankfulness - by remembering how much we take for granted, our donation page is found here. We've already raised over $7,000 and I am just blown away by all that is going to do for the hungry children around the earth.
I'm currently wanting my Njabini slippers. My roommates from college absolutely hate them because I used to wear them at ALL times that we were at home but I just absolutely adore them. First of all, they're so comfortable and warm. My toes right now are FREEZING! Secondly, they remind me of Kenya and sometimes even smell a little bit like it there. And that just fills my heart. 
 I'm currently feeling as though I need report cards and parent-teacher conferences to be over. [I'm not even close... booo!]. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting with parents and firmly believe in working as a collaborative team to create a strong home-school connection but they are just plain exhausting. Ours span over the course of the whole month of November [each Wednesday afternoon we have them]. They wipe me out, that's for sure. 

I'm curious to know, how does your school do conferences?
Who doesn't love chocolate fondue?  Look at this adorable idea from Clean and Scentsible!  This will definitely be on my Thanksgiving table this November!  What will be on yours?
Kindergarten November Literacy Centers
Finally, we are super excited to release our newest product for our Pre K/Kindergarten friends, November Literacy Centers!  Your students will have a blast practicing early literacy skills while playing the games and activities included in this bundle! This 30 page bundle includes THREE early literacy games, printables, and guided reading book. These activities are perfect for an ELA student center, small group RTI intervention, or whole-class activity. 
Have an awesome weekend, friends and a great start to your month!


  1. I have to agree, I'm so excited Halloween is over! Your new literacy centers look great.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. Yes, Halloween brings quite the excitement! I'm excited it's over too and looking forward to reviewing all the routines and procedures come Monday! Brand new month review time!! :)

  2. Hey...coming over from Farley's Currently series. I was inspired reading about the 30 hour famine you are participating in. Wow! It would certainly be awful to feel so hungry every day, wouldn't it?

    1. Hi Lana! We're glad you're here! The 30 hour famine was difficult but so worth it! The teenagers did great and it was moving to hear the impact this weekend made on their hearts! We heard from a Sudanese Refugee who told us that she often didn't have food for 6 or 7 days. I think that put the 30 hours we were going "hungry" in perspective for so many of us! Thank you for stopping by! We love new friends! :)

  3. What a great event and the involvement from the youth at your church! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

    1. Hi Kimberly Ann! The event is amazing! Have you done it before? This was my 4th time participating in famine and I was once again blown away by the experience. The youth did such a wonderful job and their responses to "what was your biggest take away from this weekend?" were so moving and powerful! I'll post some soon so check back! Thank you for stopping by! We sure LOVE your blog!!

  4. Yay Red Sox! So excited to watch the parade today. Our conferences are all in one night (after we teach all day and then have to get up and teach the next day too) is one tiring night!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

    1. We love them Sox!!! I wasn't able to watch the parade because I was at the famine but it looked AMAZING! Did you go!? I don't know how I would survive with all conferences being in ONE night! That's crazy!! But then they are over and not lasting for weeks and weeks! I feel like there is such a difference between what I'm able to report on this week vs. 3 weeks from now! We do so much growing in 3 weeks ya know?! Thank you for commenting! Your blog is beautiful! Congratulations on your new Red Sox lovin baby! :)