Friday, March 7, 2014

Colleen's March Currently

Hi friends!
Are you happy it's Friday? I sure am. It was a fun, but long week in the classroom! 
Today I'm linking up (about a week late) with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her infamous Currently series.
Listening: I missed Grey's last night because I was asleep by 8:50... whoops! Except truthfully, this teacher was so thankful for that because I've been sick all week and super tired. I woke up this morning quite refreshed!

Loving: I get up at 5 each morning and leave my house by 5:40, get to school at 6:20 and wait in my car until 7:00 when the building opens! I'm absolutely loving that it's not pitch black with stars still in the sky when I leave my house now! The sun coming up earlier really helps me not only get up easier but I literally smile the entire way to work because I'm head over heels in love/obsessed with the sky and it's beautiful. 

Thinking: I'm still sleepy. And so I think a Friday afternoon nap would be the world's greatest. 

Needing: This one is pretty self explanatory... but like heyyyyy winter? we're done. I and everyone else here in New England is ready for you to leave us and we are ready for spring to come. I'm also getting sick of wearing pants and boots and much prefer dresses and flats. So... there's that. 

?????: This one was tough for me to think of a question and I highly doubt anyone will even guess this but the secret question I had was: What is the name of the Siberian Husky that came to visit my second graders today?!.... welp, he was 3 years old, absolutely adorable and named Teddy Bear Roosevelt. He's a sled dog and my kids and I were in loveeeeee. They asked if we could get a Siberian Husky for a class pet. First of all, how stinkin cool would that be? Secondly, no. 

How's your March going, teacher friends?

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  1. Hi Colleen! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I love "meeting" other Colleens and people from Mass, because that is where I am from too (even though I live in NH right now)! I grew up on the South Shore. I hope you were able to take your Friday afternoon nap. I have to catch up on last night's Greys too. Are you loving Jackson & April together?!?! Finally!!!

    A Chocolate Dudley