Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunshine and Springtime :)

Well, it's supposedly getting real close to springtime here in chilly New England. It's freezing still but things are seeming to look up in the sunshine category. I'm tellin' ya, the extra hours of daylight in the evening really are changing a lot for me. It's so much easier to come home from work and get a work out in and organize my life. I feel so much more accomplished recently... probably because I'm actually getting more done because I don't feel like it's bed time the moment I walk in the door from work at 5:00pm. 

Anyway.... speaking of sunshine, we have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by Terry Stoufer who we actually met through the SLANT box project as well as Carla Fedeler from the Comprehension Connection who we met through a collaborative group of Literacy Specialists. We blog together with Carla and many other amazing educators at Adventures In Literacy Land. Both women are phenomenal at what they do in the classroom and in the blogging world! :)
The Sunshine Award is a nod given to blogs that inspire or bring sunshine to one's day. It's an opportunity for those bloggers to then share a little personal information with readers. We feel grateful to be nominated. Today, Colleen will be sharing a little bit about herself. :) 
Thank you again, Terry and Carla! 
1. I'm a morning person. I'm in the parking lot of my school by 6:20am doing my morning devotions. 

2. This is my first year teaching. 

3. I'm obsessed with all things Africa....and I'd give anything to go back to Kenya as soon as possible. 

4. My favorite animals are pigs and orca whales. 

5. I don't eat pork, bacon, ham etc. solely because I want a pet pig. 

6. I snort when I laugh really hard or when I am poked in the side or taken by surprise. 

7. I love missions trips and serving as a youth leader at my church.

8. I sing really loud by myself all the way down the mass Pike at 5:40am. (Let It Go from Frozen is my current specialty). 

9. I love Disney World. like a little too much. 

10. I prefer lakes over oceans. And mountains over the beach.

11. I feel best about myself when I am doing something for someone else to make them smile.

1. What do you love about teaching?

  I love when students reach that uncomfortable feeling where growth and learning happen and they push through it.... I love hearing "ohhhhh I GET IT!" :)

2. What is your favorite strategy you use in the classroom?

  My class and I are loving Daily 5. Does that count as a strategy?

3. What advice would you give a new teacher?

  Keep going... and if you go home crying sometimes, it means you're doing a good job! This is advice I've gotten and it's so true! If I went home thinking I was doing everything right, I wouldn't be growing and learning and that's what teaching is all about.

4. What is one thing you would like to change in education, and why?

  Class sizes. They're SO big now.

5. What can you not live without in your classroom?

  My smartboard!!

6. What is your favorite children's book?

  The Giving Tree :)

7. What is the best advice you were ever given? (doesn't have to relate to education)

  Be present in whatever you are currently doing. 

8 What is your proudest moment in life?

  Accomplishing my goal of going to Africa... so I think it was when I was on the back of a motorbike up to my house in Njabini!!

9. What is your favorite restaurant and dish at that restaurant?

  Pepperocinis! Steak Tip Salad with Fanny's Light Dressing :)

10. What is one thing you'd like to change/redecorate in your home?

  I need to get rid of a lot of things in my room. It's too cluttered and I have too much stuff I don't need.

11. What is one thing you learned this school year?
 I can't change everything at once but faithfulness in what I am doing right now will be the greatest preparation for where God is taking me in my future. 
Jenny Garwood at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad
Andrea Crawford at Reading Toward the Stars
Tracy Tegeler at Creekside Teacher Tales
1. How long have you been blogging? Why did you start and what do you love most about it?
2. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
3. Describe yourself in 5 words. :)
4. After school guilty pleasure?
5. What is something that can always always always make you smile?
6. What is one lesson you're learning right now?
7. Who has been your greatest role model?
8. Favorite type of music?
9. When do you feel best about yourself?
10. What is the one 'thing' you couldn't live without?
11. If you weren't a teacher, what job would you do?

Well, we're sure praying for more and more and more sunshine to come to New England. My kids are certainly in need of some quality outdoor recess time! Today we took laps around the playground in the middle of the day.... just one of those days, I guess! 

Have a wonderful remainder of your week, friends! We love learning from you and alongside you!


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  2. I just wanted to tell you that me and my children are huge fans of your blog, you have given us so many great ideas and have definitely made key stage 2 maths much more fun with some of your ideas!! Thank you so much and keep up the great blog